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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southeastern Wisconsin History

With a tradition of excellence in the remodeling industry, you'd expect us to rest on our laurels. But that wouldn't be us. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we never stop looking ahead. It's this tireless attitude that has made us who we are today. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted names in the kitchen, bathroom and interior remodeling industry today.

DreamMaker of Southeastern Wisconsin Offers More than Remodeling

Enhancing Lives. Improving Homes.®

I decided to join the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen team in 2008, and I can honestly say it’s been the best decision I’ve made. The company holds true to its Code of Values, making it an honor to be a franchise owner.

I’ve been catering to the remodeling needs of clients in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, and it has been a rewarding journey. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to be involved with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. 

Enhancing Lives

It brings me joy to know my team and I can change lives through remodeling.

In 2013, we finished a project for four gentlemen in wheelchairs, all of whom required 24/7 care. Our mission was to convert two bathrooms into one large bath that would accommodate a barrier-free shower and wheelchair-accessible bath. Because of the expertise of our team, we were able to accomplish this task with a few hours to spare.

Whenever I think of those four gentlemen, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen's motto, Enhancing Lives. Improving Homes.® comes to mind. I couldn't think of a better home where this line fits. We were really able to enhance the lives of these four men and improved their home in the process!

We hope to do the same in your home. Call or come by and see us.

--Brian Pahl, Owner
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southeastern Wisconsin

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