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3 Neat Design Ideas for Your Cabinets

How to Spruce Up Your Cabinets | DreamMaker Bath & KitchenDoes your kitchen need a little love before the holiday whirlwind begins? Maybe your home could use a bathroom update to get it ready for guests this fall and winter? If you’re planning a remodel, consider placing your attention on the cabinets. Your cabinets can make a huge statement about your design preferences, as well as add character to your home. Making a few minor (or major) adjustments could be just the thing your house needs. Check out these three neat design ideas; then discuss them with your contractor.

1. Add More Function

Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most used rooms in your home. While it’s certainly important that these spaces look nice, it’s more important that they function properly. Make a conscious effort to increase ease-of-use when designing your new cabinets. Whether this means adding more drawers, shelves, or under-counter storage, make sure it meets your most pressing needs.

2. Make a Bold Color Selection

Too often we hold back and opt for safer color choices when installing new cabinets. Be bold instead. Take a chance with your kitchen renovation and make your cabinets bright and colorful. This adds character to your home and shows off your personal style more effectively.

3. Incorporate Technology

In today’s cultural climate, any home remodeling project should incorporate technology. Make sure you talk to your contractor about how you can integrate technology into your cabinet designs. Consider adding iPad docking stations, charging ports, or AUX plugs for your convenience.

Talk to a Contractor about Design Ideas for Your Cabinets

Like one of the above design ideas for your cabinets and want to discuss it further with a contractor? Reach out to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southeastern Wisconsin today! We can walk you through several design and installation options, as well as offer a slew of other remodeling services. Visit our website for more information or call us at (262) 203-9175 to schedule a time to discuss your specific project. We’d love to help make your ideas a reality. Don’t forget to ask about our free consultations!

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