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4 Awesome Home Color Combinations for Fall

How to Brighten Up Your Kitchen | DreamMaker Bath & KitchenAre you looking for a way to add a little extra color into your life and home this fall? If so, consider planning a kitchen or bathroom update that includes a new color scheme. Recoloring your spaces is an easy and inexpensive way to impress friends and family this holiday season. With so many color options to choose from, however, it can be difficult to know which would suit you and your home best. To help, here are four exciting home color combinations that are trending in kitchens and bathrooms. Decide which you like best before contacting your home remodeling contractor.

1. Red / White

One of the most popular color combinations this year is red and white. By incorporating red and white into your kitchen or bathroom, you add a level of sophistication other colors can’t match. Adjusting the shade of red can also do a lot to create a warm feeling within your home.

2. Green / Silver

Green is a lovely color to include in your kitchen renovation. Pairing it with silver hardware and stainless steel appliances can make your space bright and airy. The end result is something anyone would be happy to come home to.

3. Brown / Grey

If bright and showy colors aren’t your thing, consider the much tamer pair of brown and grey for your home remodeling project. This combination can create a naturally warm and cozy feel to your home, without going over the top with color.

4. Black / White

Love a classic look? If you’re into sleek, elegant and contemporary, black and white may be just what you need. Like brown and grey, this color combination adds beauty without overdoing it.

Ask a Contractor about Other Exciting Home Color Combination Ideas

Know what home colors you’d like to incorporate into your design plans? If you’re ready to start your new fall project, contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southeastern Wisconsin right now! We would love to discuss color scheme ideas for your kitchen or bathroom. Our goal is to make your dream home a reality. Visit our website for more information about our company and the many services we offer, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, cabinet refacing, and general contracting. To schedule an appointment to discuss your project, call (262) 203-9175. We offer free consultations and can’t wait to hear your remodeling ideas!

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Exciting Home Colors for the Fall


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