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Decorating a Long Living Room │ DreamMaker of West Bend

Decorating Ideas for a Long Living Room

decorating a long living roomNot all living rooms are a perfectly-sized square. In fact, some are long and narrow, almost resembling a hallway. Some people find this to be a drawback. Our interior remodelers, however, decorate long living rooms all the time. Here are some ideas we recommend for making an elongated room more presentable.

2 Long Living Room Designs

Divide the Room

We think it’s a good idea to divide a living room into two sections. Each section will have its own set of furniture and table. As an example, one side can be the general seating area with the TV and entertainment center. Perhaps it can have a sofa, a contemporary glass table, and two or so low club chairs and/or a papasan.

The other section is a smaller area with a more private and intimate seating arrangement for just two people. Perhaps it can have a small round table and two beanbag chairs or padded bistro chairs. This is also a good section to reserve for an elderly loved one. Less furniture means more open space. It’s a great design style with safety and mobility in mind.

Keep the Room as a Single Unit

You may also choose to keep the living space as one room. In this case, go for elongated furniture to match the shape of the room. This means an extra-long sofa and an equally long table. Alternatively, you can also choose two small sofas placed side by side and/or two smaller tables of similar style placed about a foot apart.

We’ll Remodel Your Living Room Regardless of Shape and Size

2017 is still young, so why not begin the year with a renovation from DreamMaker of West Bend? We provide remodeling tips and recommendations for every room in the home, even the closet and utility spaces. We can recommend various design styles for your long living room to make it a welcoming and cozy space.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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