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Leather Kitchen Décor │ DreamMaker of West Bend

leather kitchen décorRock the Kitchen with Leather Décor

Leather is so commonplace for the living room. It’s kind of strange that people seldom use it for other parts of the home. The appearance of rawhide leather also makes a great addition for kitchen makeovers. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate leather kitchen décor through small DIY hacks. Here are five methods our interior remodelers recommend based on creative ideas from past clients.

Kitchen Leather Décor Ideas

1. Leather Shelf Straps

Floating shelves are always stylish no matter what year it is. Instead of using the typical L-shaped mounts, hang the shelves using leather straps secured to the wall. The straps are just as visually appealing as the décor items displayed on the shelf.

2. Leather Chairs

If you have chairs for the kitchen island, then consider leather seats or stools instead of the more conventional stainless steel or aluminum. If you don’t want to replace an entire set of chairs, then outfit the seats with leather cushions.

3. Leather Cabinet Door Handles

You have an assortment of handles to choose from when it comes to cabinet doors. This also includes knobs and even handle-less drawers. How about makeshift leather drawer pulls as another consideration?

4. Leather Apron

A leather apron has a rugged and built-for-abuse look that is absent in a typical polyester apron. When not in use, you can hang the apron on the wall. This really gives the kitchen a vibe of being the chef’s domain.

5. Leather Light Shades

Opt for leather light shades if the kitchen includes pendant lights. This is a nice switch-up from the more classic glass sconces.

Leave the Extensive Renovations to Us

Call DreamMaker of West Bend if you feel your kitchen is long due for a refreshing. Leather décor for the kitchen is an out-of-the-box way to give the room a novel look not replicated in conventional designs.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Recreate Your Kitchen With Leather

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